Journal 3

We reviewed abdominal breathing again, and my understanding of how to breathing is getting strengthened. We identified the next song to practice << Drink to me Only with Thine Eyes>.

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Journal Entry 2

Lesson 2: First, we previewed what we had learned before. The professor said that I should practice at least four or five times a week. To feel my strength, I should “engage” my lower abdomen muscle first, and then use my lower abdomen muscle to breathe. Practice Method: Use the recording to practice.

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Journal Entry 1

On the first day of class: 1. I learned how to stand correctly: Don’t be like a soldier, don’t lock your legs, just stand straight. Training: Stand against the wall for 10 minutes 2. I learned the right way to breathe: don’t breathe in your chest, but breathe deeply in your lower abdomen. Training: Look…

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