Do I work to minimize the gap between my actions and my convictions?

I work to minimize the gap between my convictions and my actions through a variety of ways.  First off I look within my self and at the world around me to establish my convictions, and why I believe this because I think that it is useless to have beliefs if you do not know why they are your convictions or why you believe in them.  Secondly, I look to the world around me for inspiration on how to express my convictions, and then I go from there.  Another thing I do is try not to be to outright with my beliefs because that is bound to backfire spectacularly.  I also try not to force my convictions upon anybody because that is bound to lead to disaster as well because nobody likes being forced to believe anything.  I prefer to express my convictions as another option, but if they don’t agree, then that is fine.  I also try to minimize the gap between my convictions and my actions, by demonstrating some of my convictions in nonspoken ways, such as how I dress, and how I work, and the what not.  There will always be a gap because I have a conviction that getting angry is counterproductive, so I try not to get angry, but sometimes I do. Another example is that I find the words love and hate to be used too often in modern diction to be an accurate representation of the original meanings of primal emotion.  Because of this, I try to use those words as little as possible to at least have some meaning to me.  There will also always be other reasons for a gap because sometimes you have to compromise your own, lesser, convictions just make everything work out.