Self-Assessment 2

I think I am doing well enough in the course at the moment, I’m a bit slow on responding to the reflections and the other Epress assignments though.  I am spending time on this course, and am producing the quality of work that coincides with that amount of time, but then again it depends on your definition of what quality work is.  I don’t really ask questions, but then again I don’t think that I have needed help to that extent.  I am trying to use available resources wisely, but sometimes I just slip up.  Sometimes I review and rewrite my work, but I definitely prioritize other classes over this ESEM sometimes, especially when the work for other classes is worth more to the overall grade than what is assigned in the ESEM.  I would not say that I am proud, but then again I am content that I do the best that I can because you can never to worse or better than your best at the anygiven moment.  I definitely could care a bit more about the ESEM, but I am finding it rather repetitive, and we, at least to me, are really only talking about the same thing, but with a different name and basic information.  I’m still having trouble with the word limit on these blog posts, and I feel that these posts are making it hard for me to be concise because I feel that I need to reach the word limit.  For example, I am at 259 words at the end of this sentence.  At this point, anything after this is could be considered fluff.  I find it rather difficult to focus on some of the assignments that I have to do for this class, especially the online assignments.  I also find the papers to be difficult to focus on as well because I feel that these last two are the same paper just over slightly different topics, but the topics are still related.  I guess this is why I don’t really fully do parts of these discussions topics,  I think that I am just becoming tired, and in need of a change up from the routine, and my guess is this will happen in most of my courses throughout college.  I was also hoping to escape this in college because this was my attitude through my last two years of high school.  I guess in high school I was also getting more and more annoyed at the personalities in my school, and the fact that I felt that I didn’t entirely fit in, I guess I just felt that there was not anything for me in high school, other than a transition to college.  I mean I still had friends, but I did not entirely fit with those groups, and I did not really find any kindred spirits who felt or thought the way I did, but then again I was still happy, for the most part.  I guess I just really do not like modern society and its superficialness, but what can I do about? So, I just going to roll with it, and I’ll just do my best, ’cause its the only thing I can do.