Peace & Justice

I think about power, for who holds it, and how much affects our day to day lives.  But first let’s discuss my use of power, for I don’t see myself as using much power because it’s not up to me to influence people one way or another, that’s for them to do themselves.  I don’t use my power for anything, but that’s because I find it unnecessary.  I find it unnecessary because to reach the just and constructive ends, influencing and coercing people to help achieve the end doesn’t justify that people could have been participating against their will, and this is no better than what we are fixing.  Now on who should have power, it should be vested in individuals who are incorruptible, but as that is not possible, it should get invested in either a large group or one corrupted person.  In the democratic society everyone needs to have an equal say, and thus the all the various levels and directions of corruption are counteracted.  If all the power gets invested in one single person who is corrupt, then they are easier to control.  This unscrupulous individual can be managed to benefit society if they believe that benefitting society helps them as well.  Power should only get used to benefit the community, as Spock says “the needs of the many out way the needs of the few,” yet this principle is quite the controversial idea because it leaves open to interpretation who are the few and who are many.  Power should also not get granted to anyone with religious views or even personal views that could harm the majority of people, such as restricting access to abortions.  This brings about the idea of who determines this and again the corruptibility of humans gets brought up and how At some piont it might become necessary and possibly even better to place power into the circuits of a massive supercomputer that can process everything that is happening in the world and decide how best to proceed.  The supercomputer theory meets is own issues though, because the computer might follow the path of all of the pop culture supercomputers that have determined that the best way to save humanity is to end it.  But this brings up an interesting idea, what if those computers were partially right, and that humanity has too much power.  Maybe we as a species need to reduce our size or at least stop increasing in population size, and reevalute.  This re-evaluation could be a positive by giving everybody a choice in how power should get distributed, and the U.N. should conduct this, and again Spock’s words echo true.  The needs of the many for a balance of power that suits everybody outweighs various peoples desires to be superior to others, this would also cause some countries to be held responsible for crimes against humanity that came from an abuse of the power given to them to help maintain global peace.  But in the end, the end never justifies the means, so maybe the computers are right.

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  1. Very interesting thoughts about who should hold power. What body has the right to speak for the majority of people? How can we trust a small group of people, or even one person, to consider the rights and feelings of all persons when making a decision? Do you think the Quaker process of consensus decision making deals with any of these issues?

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