Respect for Persons

When I express my disagreement I don’t always do it explicitly and respectfully, but more times out of not its respectful, if not explicit.  I generally don’t express my disagreement explicitly, for the simple reason that it is hard to communicate thoughts at times.  The respectful part is generally easy, but it does involve work. This work includes understanding the position of the people, there is also an understanding of the topic being discussed, and an understanding of your own position that you created for yourself. This understanding of the opposing viewpoint(s) is done through investigation and discovery.  This needs to be done through the use of reliable and trustworthy sources, that have been independently verified.  The knowledge of the topic being discussed also needs to be researched in a similar manner, but the knowledge also needs to be from an unbiased source along with the requirements from the research into the opposing viewpoints.  Your own personal views should be wholly your’s, and entirely uninfluenced by anybody else, and this can be done by looking into the issue from unbiased, and reliable resources.  The respectful part gets harder when there is pushback against your opinion, especially if the other person feels as if they themselves are being personally attacked.  This can result in the respect going out of the window because when one person feels attacked, they could begin to attack the other side.  This attack will create a feedback loop that results in a downward spiral, that could result in an irreparable gap between the viewpoints.  Generally, these come rather easy to me in my opinion because I quite like to stay informed on the state of the world, and on new developments in general ( but new developments that I find pertinent to me).  I also find it rather easy to remain visibly calm, for the most part, when my position starts to be attacked because I know that I and my positions are different beings/ entities.  Being explicit is not the easiest because to me it requires having an idea of what you are going to say ahead of the discussion, but most discussions do not happen at prearranged times and places.  Also, the explicit nature of the discussion can be hampered by ones attempts to be eloquent or use rather large and fancy language to make their argument more appealing.  This can hamper the discussion by one side feeling as though they’re not as sophisticated and thus they begin to attack the other side on a more personal level that can again lead to the downward spiral.  I personally am, at times, guilty of using large and fancy language, not necessarily eloquent language though, to express my opinion by I do not do this with the purpose of angering or making the other side feel superior.  I do this because that is the way I talk and express my opinions.  I also don’t speak explicitly, in general, because I don’t generally plan most of what I say in advance, I simply create a general idea, and make sure that what I say won’t piss anybody off, or get me in trouble.