I took the Age test, the gender in science test, and the Ara-Muslim test.  The results from the age test were not surprising because it went along with the majority of data for an automatic response to choose young over old.  I was a little surprised by the results from the Arab-Muslim test because I was expecting the results to say something along the lines of no difference or that the automatic preference was towards the other people.  Instead, I got moderate automatic preference of Muslims over other people, and this was quite pleasing.  The biggest surprise is the gender in science test, which I don’t entirely agree with the results of a moderate preference for men to be with science and women to be with the liberal arts.  This test only changes one variable which to me seems to not provide a full spectrum especially, if the variables are being switched from left to right fingers.  This would provide, in my opinion, a clearer reason for my results than an implicit bias, that my upbringing demonstrates that I should not have.  I was raised in a household with my mother being in the sciences, my aunt is an engineer, my grandmother taught math, and by this background, the results should have been different.  The only changing of one variable between the fingers allows for fewer correlations to be drawn.  For instance, if women and science were on the left and men and liberal arts on the other, then the areas of study switched then this leaves the switching of genders between fingers left untested, which does not seem like every variable is being controlled for, and thus this would make some answers possibly invalidated.

I’m quite honestly not sure how to unbias myself, especially considering I don’t agree with one of the results.  Also what does unbiasing mean, because if we switch biases then we are still biased, unless we want to reach a state of neutral stance, which is almost impossible, because there is in theory always some societal roadblock to being completely neutral.  The easiest one might be the age test because first and foremost I need to not be afraid of what might happen as I age.  I also will probably have to change my views on dying before I consider it my time to die, but that will take time.  To unbias myself from my views on gender and science, I feel that I need to take a more in-depth test, with more variables accounted for before I truly understand where I stand on this.  I also don’t want to unbias myself from the results I got on the Arab-Muslim test because the results showed I did not prefer other people over Muslims, which to me is absolutely an acceptable bias to have.  To unbias myself from this I would probably have to set myself back in my acceptance of Muslims because I would on a basal level have to start preferring other people over them.