ESEM Self-Reflection 1

I think I am doing acceptably well in this course.  I don’t feel like I’m working particularly harder, than in any of my other classes.  I think I am putting in enough time to produce quality work, but then again, quality work is quite the subjective term.  The subjectivity instantly induces the possibility of conflict and future tensions between student and teacher, over whether the work that is being presented is quality work or not.  I don’t typically ask questions when I need help, but I haven’t needed to ask questions, as of yet.  I think that I am using the available resources wisely, but I won’t be able to accurately judge that without actually having to use them more than occasionally.  I review my work for errors and use Grammarly, but still, there will be mistakes, mainly passive voice.  Reviewing my work is just something that needs practice, and repetition.  I am proud of my performance and work in this class, but again this one is subject to change as the semester goes on, and the workload increases.  Most to all of these are subject to change as the semester goes on, and as workload increases.  The workload increase applies to both my ESEM and the other classes that I am taking. Some of these various topics are subject to change as papers also get assigned because if I’m honest, I’m going to work harder on writing assignments than standard class work.  This is just a simple matter of priority, based on the order in which things are done, and the amount of time it takes to do them.  Also if I’m on this tangent of being honest, I don’t try that hard on these reflections, and it is quite tricky to get the limits.  It’s not that I’m not trying, but I find some of the topics discussed to be rather hard to make into long reflections since I find that my opinions and thoughts are not truly that complex to require lots of explanation.  I’m still proud of my performance, especially that I can turn ideas into longer thoughts than they are, but I guess this is why I have issues with writing minimum amounts for anything.  I not sure where this is going but, I feel like I have said all I need to say at this point, so now I’m justing going to repeat myself in a new way.  I believe that my use of resources is quite wise because I am repeatedly checking email and moodle, also what counts as a resource (other than those provided) and what doesn’t?  Also asking questions that I can figure out the answer on my own, even if I have to struggle with it, and this also helps me to learn it better.  Also for reviewing my work, how am I supposed to get better if at first, I don’t have trouble.  This would allow me to learn the standard mistakes I make, and how to identify them as I am writing my papers and essays.

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  1. Wesley,
    Thanks for your honesty. I agree that the reflections may be a bit hazy in terms of their major points. I wanted to keep them open enough that you had some freedom in the responses. This might not be the best venue for everyone, but I thought it was worth a try. I hope that you’ll continue to manage your workload throughout the semester as you have so far, and keep on top of it all.

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