X-Men 2 Reflection

The actions of some mutants are used to further prejudice the human population against them. What parallels might we draw to our world today?

The actions of the mutants that furthered prejudice in the human population, can be compared to the current state of the world.  The actions of the mutants that further the prejudice in the society of the second X-Men movie is similar to the modern-day terror movements.  These mutants do not speak for every mutant, just as the terror movements do not speak for everyone in society.  The prejudice is also unfounded as there is little understanding on the side of the greater populace towards the attitudes of the mutants.  For the general populace is not interested in meeting mutants because they fear what they do not understand, and their “understanding” that they have is twisted by the medias portrayal of mutants.  This is similar to the appearance of various religious faiths, and their portrayal in the media due to the fact that a portion of the followers of the faith, have fallen from the path, and have resorted to terrorism, and extremism.  The movie presents a lovely parallel with today’s society and the influence of individuals upon the image of an entire culture or group of people.  This is a negative influence in the movie and is also a negative in modern society, because it creates blinders that prevent the advancement of mutual understanding, and comradeship.  This can also lead to xenophobia and apartheidism, that results in the repression of rights and expression.  These commonalities between the world of X-men and our world today, is quite the scary thought, as this movie was made in 2002-2003, yet the parallels are still extremely frightening.  This movie definitely drew upon the experience of Muslim Americans in the years directly following the terrorist attacks on 9/11, and this experience is still evident in society today, as shown by the recent policy decisions taken by the current administration.

Mutants are being persecuted for reasons out of their control. Professor X and Magneto offer two different strategies for dealing with the “non-evolved” humans. Discuss how these strategies may be implemented if humans begin to genetically engineer themselves with “improvements.”

Professor X’s strategy is to work together towards peace between the two groups, this strategy would be more pleasant than Magneto’s strategy.  Magneto’s strategy is to kill the non-evolved humans.  This presents quite the predicament as the choice could result in the survival of an entire species, because it could be argued that the augmentation of various individuals within the human race could lead to the creation of a new race of men.  This production of a new race of men could lead to a genocidal war that leads to the extinction of either one race, or both races.  This war could be similar to the war that is alluded to in Star Trek, with Khan.  In Star Trek, there is a story arc, that revolves around the discovery of a colony ship from the 1990s, that carried the leaders of the empires of the genetically modified humans.  These characters also come back in the movies.  This could also lead to the creation of a clone army as in Star Wars Episode 2.  The clone armies of the Republic are used to pursue the ideas of mass warfare, but this warfare is on a planetary scale.  This planetary scale is able to reduce the civilian causalities, but on the scale that warfare would occur on earth, civilian causalities would be enormously high, and wholly inhuman. These could lead to the escalation of warfare into a conflict that results in the deaths of millions of super soldiers.  This escalation in warfare has the chance of involving the deaths of every citizen that is either genetically engineered or non-genetically engineered.  This could also lead to the rise of Aryan societies that implement Magneto’s strategy, and create a biologically superior and seemingly identically.  The implementation of Professor X’s strategy would need to revolve around a grassroots force that rejects the idea that the “improvements” make people different.  This also would require the cooperation on a worldwide scale, and a rewriting of international accords and agreements.  The implementation of Professor X’s plan would also require that the enhancements are not used to create a working class that is subjected to doing the worst jobs in society, the jobs that no one else wants to do.  There will definitely be attempts to implement both plans within the early years of having modified humans interacting with the populous.  This could result in the ostracization and eventually creation of two different societies, that have agreed to coexist, but they are not coexisting in one society together.  This is a definite compromise between the two plans, because no one is dying, but there is no coexistence as one peaceful society.  Also, the simple cost of life would be immense and this would again reflect on the lack of compassion and humanity in today’s society that tends to brush over the number of civilian deaths in war and in the movies.  The lack of compassion if one of the greatest obstacles that would have to be beaten in modern society in order for Professor X’s plan to work. This is because modern society has developed a way to cope with mass loss of life, by saying that since it does not affect me, I do not have to worry that much.  The lack of compassion also needs to be addressed in general but also in the idea that when lots of people of the same race die, there is a massive outcry, from others of that race, but there is little reaction when lots of people of another race die.  Before either of these plans can be introduced humanity as a whole has to decide where it stands on the issue of death, caused by violence, in society, and how it will react when and if genocide starts up against and entire group of humans.  There will also need to be the decision, on whether we learn from our mistakes or not when it comes to preventing genocide.