Two Concert Reports

December 10, 2018 Off By Yuqian

I attended the Chamber Music Recital in Lingle Recital Hall on Nov 14th, 2018. This recital had various performances: flute choir, guitar ensemble, chamber strings, piano duet, and chamber orchestra. This concert began with some flute choir songs, and later the guitar ensemble performed. This is my first time seeing Yeheon Hong and Julian Sun played together. They both are very outstanding violinists. It was a delightful experience to listen to their cooperative performance. The piano duet was Rondo Capriccioso Op.14 composed by Felix Mendelssohn. Two pianists cooperate very well. The chamber orchestra was very impressive. They played a piece from the Orchestral Suite No.1 in C major by J.S. Bach. Forrest was conducting in one hand and playing the harpsichord in the other hand. This is my first time seeing a conductor played an instrument while conducting. It was impressive. In addition to enjoy the excellent performance by the orchestra, I was more amazed by Bach’s composition. How could he write out such a good piece for different instruments in the whole orchestra and arrange them so well? In conclusion, this chamber music recital was very impressive. I enjoyed it and appreciated all performers.

I attended the Brown Bag in CVPA on Dec 30th, 2018. It is a typical student recital with piano and flute performance. I enjoyed the concert very much. There were many Chopin pieces, including preludes and nocturnes. My favorite performance is a beautiful piano piece of Clair de lune composed by Claude Debussy. Debussy was a French composer in The Romantic Period and the Impressionism Period. I think Debussy’s music is a bit different from other classical composers’ music. Clair de lune is the third movement from the Suite Burgamasque. This masterpiece from the Impressionist epoch, brought my mind to a quiet night having warm moonlight, mist, and sound of insects. The student pianist Joe Kingery played this piece excellently. His tempo was not fast but perfect for this piece. He also played in various ranges and dynamics. Other students also did excellent in this recital. After I prepared and performed in the brown bag, I appreciated more the efforts all students paid, because I know it is not easy and relaxed. They all took time to practice hard for all audience.