Performance Review 2

Brown Bag – Flautist 


Admittedly, I am quite unfamiliar with the skill and dedication it takes to play the flute, and play it well. I had tried once my freshman year in high school and failed rather miserably, which was only more reason to be amazed at the performance I witnessed at this particular brown bag. Unfortunately, I do not remember the name of the student that performed first, but I do remember how much control she had over her breath and pitch. Her breath support is what really impressed me the most, as she seemed to play through one phrase after another with no break in between (at least that’s what it seemed like. If not, she had great technique to mask any breaks in the pieces she played). I myself become very nervous during performances and have to pay extra attention to my support, so I can only imagine the discipline it took her to be able to play through multiple phrases. Her blend and balance with the pianist also caught my attention, as neither of them missed a beat to create one, cohesive concept that was easy to follow and wonderful to listen to. 

Again, because I do not play a woodwind instrument, I am unsure of the practice it takes to create a clear and resonant sound with the flute- but I imagine it takes quite a bit. I do not recall hearing a pitch that seemed off from what she intended to play, and if there was, she played any mishaps off well. Unfortunately could not watch the rest of the brown bag as I had to go to work, but I thoroughly enjoyed being able to watch her performance.