Week 2.3

This week, we decided on my first classical piece to work on! It is called Nel Cor Piu Non Mi Sento, or “Why Feels my Heart so Dormant.”

I have only looked at and practiced the first two measures thus far, as this is all we have been able to rehearse (and I don’t speak Italian and I do not wish to learn how to say something completely wrong.) I’ve been able to practice much more these last few days since our last lesson, and plan to continue until our next

I have/will continue:

  • Working on transitioning from belly breathing to costal breathing
  • Increase the time in which I am able to pant (and not pass out)
  • Do my general “warm-ups”
  • Look over the beginning of Cabaret
  • Continue to look over the first two measures of the classical piece

I will continue any updates on this post as needed