The First Performance for Many: A Reflection

At the beginning of the semester, many music groups came together to perform the pieces they had been working on thus far. From classic instrumentals to jazzy vocals, there was something presented for everyone to enjoy.

I quite enjoyed seeing many of my peers doing what they enjoy best, and it showed in many individuals facial expressions that they were happy to be there. Each group had a small time to showcase pieces that truely encompassed the style of the group, however my favorite performance was with the string based orchestra that featured a talented senior classical vocalist. She had a very nice tone quality with outstanding control of pitch, and the balance between herself and the band was very nice to listen to.

Outside of an audience perspective, I was able to talk to my roomate after the performance and gauged the general mentality of fellow freshmen who had just performed at their first college concert. I believe she spoke for the majority when she said she was very nervous, but equally excited to demonstrate the pieces she and her class had been working on, and that she looked forward to progressing throughout the semester.

In comparision to the last concert of the semester that her particular group performed, I could tell that there was much more confidence within the newcomers, which contributed to the overall quality of the sound.