A Myriad of Updates

For the past two weeks, I have been rehearsing If I Were A Bell while implementing the techniques we have been working on during lessons.  I have focused on primarily the A and E vowels throughout the piece as well as working on quality of sound. The A vowel is now becoming more natural to me the more I work with it, save a few higher notes, but progress is definitely there. The pure and resonant tall E is a new challenge for me to work with, as it has a tendency to fall back in practice. The primary way to combat this old habit is to keep my tongue forward and down, which was quite the revelation if I do say so myself. Although the future is a work in progress, the past is a time for evaluation.

On October 31st, I performed my first piece in college.

I was a bit nervous at first since I was not familiar in the slightest with performing solos that utilized my head voice. However as I got into it, I started to get back into the familiar rhythm of performing. I thought I did pretty average for my first time, as I have a tendency to be harder on myself than necessary. However, the response and feedback from the audience made me realize that I did well for a personally difficult piece, and I altered my perspective to that of a much more positive one. Afterwards, I felt pretty proud of myself. I had faced a lot of challenged by doing If I Were A Bell.

Granted, I still have a bit of progress to go (keeping my resonance forward, not pulling my tongue back, general confidence in my voice, etc) I am just starting with voice lessons after all. But I believe it’s important to appreciate the milestones I’ve reached thus far. And looking back, I think that’s pretty cool.