april 23rd huge recap

April 23, 2019 Off By Morgan

So For the last 3 weeks, I have missed class because of study abroad classes and epic expo. For one of those weeks, I was heavily submerged with allergies and had no medicine to be able to breathe. The week after I was sick with a sore throat on top of my allergies. I did practice a few times in that span of two weeks but I do not feel like they were very meaningful so I did not practice for very long at all. I was just able to get allergy medicine yesterday so I feel like I finally have the ability to practice the proper way I need to.

I started today with stretching and doing yoga to get into proper alignment and singing posture. After I did every hiss that we have worked on in class as well as panting and steady breathing. after that, I did the “inhale and exhale for 8 seconds” that we do to loosen our neck and shoulders. today’s stretching was very in-depth and prolonged because I felt very tight. I then started my lip trills and went up and down the piano in my range. I also tried to push the upper end of my range to get comfortable with the notes in my song and it felt good. I then moved to do scales with an open ah vowel and it was surprisingly more polished than I thought in the lower and mid-range but once I got to the upper midrange and head voice I started to become less consistent.  after traying that, I started going over my notes to the song and I was able to do the lower notes just fine, but the upper notes got to me when I tried to say the words with them. I still need more support in my upper range. I am working on that right now. and continuing to do that.