april 23rd huge recap

So For the last 3 weeks, I have missed class because of study abroad classes and epic expo. For one of those weeks, I was heavily submerged with allergies and had no medicine to be able to breathe. The week after I was sick with a sore throat on top of my allergies. I did…

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March 7th

Lately, I have not been in the practice rooms but I have been working on my support in many other ways. I try to sing regular songs that I know the words too and the pitch and I try to make sure I am singing with plenty of space, support, and my vocal cords fully…

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Feb 28th

I warmed up with lip rolls, hisses, and scales on the Ah sound. I then worked on making sure that my voice was not too breathy. because today was the first day I was really conscious about it, it was more difficult doing it every time but I was able to do it multiple times.…

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Feb 21st

I only spent an hour practicing after my warmup. I practiced scales with lip rolls and then I picked random notes and went upscales working on singing and hitting the note without sliding into it. A and O vowels. after that, I worked on the first 3 lines of my song.

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Feb 19th

I didn’t have a whole lot of time today, so I spent a tab bit less time warming up and stretching. I did a few hisses and lip rolls, and I spent almost all my time today really trying to emphasize an open throat (a raised soft palate and a lowered tongue). I only practiced for…

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Feb 18th Part 2

I spent another 30-45 minutes practicing doing scales and trying to consciously create more space with my A and O vowels. After 15 or so minutes of that, I started to play songs on the piano and try to consciously create space while singing normal songs. After that, I went back to scales and I…

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Feb 18th

I did my usual warmups, stretching, hisses, the breath in with your elbows up, breath out and tilt your head back. After you breathe in again hold for 6 seconds. I started right away on scales with the A vowel and then I made my way to the O vowel. after that, I spent the…

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Feb 17th

I did my normal warmups. Stretching, the 3 variations of hisses and lip rolls. After that, I did scales on the open A sound. I went down to my normal speaking range and I attempted to do scales in an octave range with 3 different vowel sounds “a” “o” and “U”.

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Feb 11th

I spent 15 minutes just stretching and doing yoga as we do at the beginning of class, along with my own personal stretches. I next spent 15 minutes doing breathing exercises, that wake up your stomach muscles, like sustaining the hiss in all three ways that we learned to do the hiss. This is my…

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Feb 10th progress

I practiced for about an hour with 20 minutes of stretching and warming up exercises as well as 40 minutes of singing scales, rip rolls,  and hisses. I felt like after stretching I was able to get the moment of suspension just about every time. When I didn’t have it, I consciously thought about waiting…

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