October 29th- November 9th

YAY FOR HAVING MY VOICE BACK! YAY FOR RECORDING AUDITION TAPES! The 29th of October I rehearsed for recording with Caryl on Tuesday, but I couldn’t quite get my voice to open up for No One Else. I tried singing on vowels and breathing in the tall AH, but it wasn’t working. I had hoped…

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October 20th-28th

This week I practiced on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Like normal, I used my video warm up (edited to instead of humming I do card buzzing). I also did leg lifts on Wednesday, but my body has been very tired since we started doing full runs for the show on Thursday so I’ve been going…

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October 12th-20th

This week I was sick and unable to sing or rehearse. I did a simple vocal warm-up for rehearsals for the show which included moving from breath to humming to vocalization. After our lesson when I learned more about how to warm-up, I wanted to try warming up again. Friday the 19th I tried warming…

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October 1st- October 6th

I did my regular warm up on the 1st and the 4th (see the previous post for video and other activities). I also did a theatre vocal warm up on the 3rd and the 5th in which I used hissing, leg lifts, and card buzzes as part of my warm up. I did not spend…

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September 23rd- 30th

I did full vocal warm up on the 23rd, 25th, 26th, 27th, and 30th. Currently my “full vocal warm up” consists of 2 legs lifts, sirens, hissing (2 short and intense one long OR long sustained), and this vocal warm-up video. I also worked on No One Else on the 23rd, 25th, and 26th. I…

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September 19th

I did two leg lifts, warmed up with the video I use on youtube, and did hissing and panting. Then I ran through No One Else to prepare for working with Caryl tomorrow. I also reviewed notes for Voi Che Sapete.

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September 17th

Sunday I led warm-ups for the Cabaret Club. We did lips trills, a vocal exercise with arpeggios, and a leap of 5ths. After rehearsal, I practiced No One Else to get ready for my work with Caryl on Thursday before our vocal lesson. Today I did two leg lifts and a set of 6 misc.…

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