listening assignment`

Wow this is amazing. I am so surprised how he can be so clearly enunciated and at the same time resonating and full. I notice how he would always lean forward everytime he starts a phrase, which i think is for his air support.

Wow. This is a different style but also amazing. He is so resonating and loud. It’s like his entire body is empty space.

At high and loud notes it looks like his mouth is very tense. I don’t know if it’s just look like it. Though his sound comes out loud and clear but it feels like I could break any moment. Is it just my feeling?


Open a: it helps me to think of allignment and open vertically. Lip trill, hiss.


Lip trill, 5 mins, a vowel 5 mins, u vowel 4 mins, tried e vowel. The e vowel one is really hard because i have to think to open way bigger than i normally speak e.