Voice practice report

So over the last few weeks, I basically did some basic exercises, running up down scales, but mostly I worked on my song. Before getting with Caryl, I sat with the piano to make sure I don’t have any pitch wrong. Then I ran through the it by myself a few times with the recorded accompaniment. Then I worked with Caryl, we agreed on breathe mark and difficult runs and mistakes that I have. Then I got back to work on it myself using the recorded accompaniment again. The thing is, the recorded track doesn’t give me breathe time. It just runs. So I find myself running with it and not being able to take as full a breathe as I could if I have a pianist who agrees with my marks.  I tried to work on this by lip trilling through the song and it helped.

Then I performed on Wednesday. It was good. I did everything I set out to do. But then, on Thursday I found out I have other places to fix and that really messed with how I had practiced. If I focus on fixing the the things I need to fix then I would lose focus on the song and support, so I would lose track of the pronunciation, or run out of breathe. Also, not being able to move my hands really block me from thinking of air as a connected source of support, so that’s also another problem. On Sunday’s performance, I tried to put my hands in front of me, kind of pushing on my stomach to help support, but it seemed like that closed my chest and made it even harder for me to have full breathe.

For What a wonderful world, I don’t have any recordings, so I could only sit at a piano to make sure I get all the notes right.

listening assignment`

Wow this is amazing. I am so surprised how he can be so clearly enunciated and at the same time resonating and full. I notice how he would always lean forward everytime he starts a phrase, which i think is for his air support.

Wow. This is a different style but also amazing. He is so resonating and loud. It’s like his entire body is empty space.

At high and loud notes it looks like his mouth is very tense. I don’t know if it’s just look like it. Though his sound comes out loud and clear but it feels like I could break any moment. Is it just my feeling?


Open a: it helps me to think of allignment and open vertically. Lip trill, hiss.


Lip trill, 5 mins, a vowel 5 mins, u vowel 4 mins, tried e vowel. The e vowel one is really hard because i have to think to open way bigger than i normally speak e.