Hello Again!  Long time no see!  I won’t lie, although I’ve been practicing, it is very difficult to remember to keep proper updates going.  Henceforth, I’m hoping to write an update every Monday, Thursday, and Friday afternoon.

I’m still working primarily on Children Will Listen.  I don’t have much more to report, Jenny and I didn’t have   I’m very pleased with my progress, and feel much more comfortable.

I’m trying to decide which song from The Threepenny Opera I like best, I haven’t yet had a chance to listen to them (I’m in play rehearsal at the moment).  I hope to have an answer tomorrow morning.

On my own I’ve been working on a song that doesn’t have much academic merit, but it’s giving me some trouble.  It’s called “Leave the Pieces” it’s a country music song, in the vein of the Dixie Chicks, and although it’s well within my range, it’s been giving me some problems tone was, particularly on the O vowel.  I’d like to ask about it in my lesson tomorrow, because I can’t decide if it’s just about me sitting at the piano, or something else.