Advice from the Careers Coach: ‘Only start small talk when you are interested in the other person’

My mum’s a Scientist

I came across this blog post by Welshwoman Ffion Lindsay. (In case you wondered, the double F is pronounced ‘fff’ but single ‘f’ is pronounced like a ‘v’ in Welsh). Here’s the introductory paragraph:
“Karin Bodewits is the founder of career platforms ScienceMums and NaturalScience.Careers in Munich. She’s the author of a career guide for female natural scientists, gives seminars and talks, and campaigns to help women bridge the gap between motherhood and career. Here’s her story.”
The career guide by Karin Bodewits is in German, so that’s good if you “sprechen Deutsch” so to say :-). On the Science Mums site linked above is the page “Our recommended readings for scientists” which is oriented towards women but looks interesting to blokes as well.  Perhaps Jose could purchase some of these “books” (remember them?) for the Science Library ?. For example here’s a quote from a review of “the Sexual Paradox” :
“Why is it that women, who tend to do at least as well as men at university, still seem to be stuck when it comes to reach the highest levels of organisational hierarchies? Considering a plethora of gender-specific aspects of our workplaces, the book boils down to a reason deeply entrenched within women and/or our working cultures: whereas men tend to get happier as they move up the ladder, women don´t.”
There’s also a thought provoking review of the book “Mom, the Chemistry Professor” on the same ‘recommended reading’ page.