Welcome to the home page for Tibetan Studies in India 2018!

This website has a lot of important information. I hope it can help you prepare better for your semester abroad. You will find a very useful handbook that has been written throughout these past years and revised by different program leaders. This was the famous “Handbook” I was talking about duringour meetings, I hope it helps you with any concerns or doubts, but if you have any other question don’t hesitate to contact me during summer, you have my Whatsapp number and e-mail (mussalimishel@gmail.com)


I will upload interesting news and articles to this website throughout the summer, and I hope you can get to read them! India is a big country, contrasting in landscapes and cultures.Our programĀ focuses on Tibet, however it would be great to have a good grounding on Indian history and its relation to Tibet before we get there.

I hope you enjoy it!