e) Calendar for Program

Calendar for Fall 2014 Tibetan Studies (subject to change)

Aug 27-early am Aug 28             Arrive New Delhi

Aug 27- Aug 31                        Program begins in New Delhi. Orientation activities, visits to places of worship in Delhi, shopping for clothes, etc. Stay in New Delhi YMCA Tourist Hostel

Aug 31                        afternoon Shatabdi train to Amritsar (6+ hours), stay in Amritsar

Sept 1                         Early start; visit Golden Temple

Sept 2                         Vist Wagha/Wagah border early am. Return to hotel and check       out;     Drive to Dharamsala (5 hour drive)

Sept 3-Oct 18              Live with roommate in Sarah College, attend classes M-F, have classes in Tibetan Buddhist Philosophy, Tibetan Language, Tibetan History & Culture, and Mindfulness, Reflection, Identity.

Oct 15-17                    Midterm exams

Oct 18-Nov 8              Stay with Host Families, McLeod Ganj, attend classes at the Institute for Buddhist Dialectics in same topics as before.

Nov 8-Nov 16             Independent Travel

Nov 16- Dec 9             Stay in Guest house in McLeod Ganj.           Have one week of study and class, then some days of final exams, then work on Independent Research project and volunteer opportunities. Research presentations on Dec 6.

Dec 9                           Travel to Delhi

Dec 10                         Drive to & visit Fatehpur Sikri. Then drive to Agra in the evening. (4.5 hours driving total)

Dec 11                         Visit Taj Mahal early, then Agra Fort. Return to Delhi (2.5 hour drive)

Dec 12                         Program officially ends; we can provide housing until Dec 14.

Holidays we may observe while in India:

Aug 29                         Ganesh Chathurti (Ganesh’s birthday; a day to eat dumplings)

Sept 25-26                   Rosh Hashana

Sept 25-Oct 3              Navaratri, which means “9 Nights” and has many included festivals.  A fun one is Saraswati Puja, Oct 1, when people honor the tools of their trade, such as cars and computers.

Oct 4                           Yom Kippur

Oct 23                         Deepavali / Diwali, a major Hindu festival that we will try to participate in.  Deepavali is the Festival of Lights, celebrating the victory of Rama over Ravana; or Satyabama over Narakasura. Some people describe it as Christmas for Hindus.

Nov 13                        Lha-bab Duchen, a Tibetan day of prayer commemorating a story about the historical Buddha, Buddha Shakyamuni, descending from the heavenly realms to the earth. It’s the 22d day of the 9th month of the Tibetan Calendar.

Nov 27                        US Thanksgiving

Nov 30                        1st Sunday of Advent

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