Alice’s reflection: Integrity – ESEM150: The Perfect Human

Do I seek ways to be open to others’ opinions without weakening my commitment to critical thinking, intellectual rigor, and truth-seeking?

I believe that everything is in its prime when there is a balance. This idea also applies to integrity. In my opinion, to be able to practice integrity: I must maintain a balance between defending while developing my integrity.
Integrity to me is a commitment to my ethic standards, my moral belief both in thoughts and in actions.
Our interactions in daily life affect how we think, act. These interactions can influence us, but it is up to us to decide in what way do we accept the influences. It is a fact that we are not perfect, we have flaws, there are places for improvement in the realization of life and how to implement them. Thus, I think we should always keep an open mind to learn from others’ ideas. We must not be afraid of how people judge us and let go of our standard, just to satisfy other. Because in the end, this is our life. From my own experience, if you do allow them to dictate you, your sense of purpose will no longer exist, and you will just feel empty, feel like your existence is not important.
If I am asked, I am not afraid to state my opinions, and I won’t be offended if someone doesn’t agree with me. Instead, I would want to know why they think that, what is their reasons. Because inevitably, they are going with what they think is best, therefore, I can learn something from them. It does not mean I will have to change my mind, but it will teach me the lesson of compassion.
This practice will not only develop my integrity, but it will also help me to ensure respect for people, allow me to connect with others. Thus, a sense of community will stem from here. If we both have the same interest but want to proceed with different approaches, and we respect each other opinions, the community will be more diverse.
While being open-minded, there are aspects where I will firmly stand my ground. An example of this is academic integrity. As a student, I see that this is a responsibility that I must uphold. Not only will I hold myself accountable for my actions, but I will also keep others accountable for their too, in this specific region. To be more precise, I am not afraid to approach a friend who cheats on an exam. This thought is because I believe that this action will have a negative influence on themselves and community. Also, if I just think that one individual will not make a difference and then, everyone has the same thought as I do, then the influence will no longer be small.
Though I have only just started thinking about my standards and purpose in life, I see that there needs to be a stabilization between protecting and building my standards. By doing this, my integrity will not only be strong but also get better with time.