Alice’s Self-reflection 2 – ESEM150: The Perfect Human

Since the last self-reflection, I think that there have been changes in my performance and thoughts. In general, this seminar is the class where I learn and spend the most energy. The course is very engaging, so I tend to be more excited to do the prep work and other assignments.
I am finding this class to be less challenging than it was at the beginning of the semester. The readings are easier to comprehend, and I have deeper understandings of the main points. On average, I spend about 1 hour per reading prep; 2 to 3 hours per Principle and Practice reflection. The reflection on Gattaca was especially challenging for me, partly because of the abstract idea I wanted to convey.
I think that because I have been writing a lot in this class that I am gaining confidence as a writer. I do not spend as much time as I did before but I feel more satisfied with my works. I am also not as stress out or clueless as I was previously. Furthermore, I am noticing that my first draft is not as messy in content and words. The most important improvement is that I have successfully conveyed all of my ideas into the reflections and papers. However, it still takes me a lot of time to explicitly map out what I want to say. While I am cautious not to grammar errors, there are still some errors that I am unaware of. To improve upon this, I figure I need to write and revise more. Though the pressure of writing is alleviated, I am having the pressure of continuing to do just as good as I have been, grade wise.
I am more active in searching for errors (as I have more time) and ask questions to help me navigate through the assignments. I have utilized all the resources given to me to make up for my inexperience with editing my writing: Grammarly, the writing center, materials from my first year writing tutorial.
I did make an effort to talk more during class discussion. However, I sometimes can not follow the discussion of the class and thus, I can’t speak. Other time, after speaking well one time, I feel like I lose all of my energy to keep on participating. I am doing better during small group discussion, especially since I switch to new partners, I found myself developing and expressing more idea. My ideas usually take a long time to prepare, so that is why I am meticulous in my prep work. As the semester progress, I notice that my ideas are increasing and well-developed. This improvement might be because of all the practice in class.
I especially like the extra credit as it is very mind opening. In all, though I am in a more difficult stage of the semester, I still feel like when I go to class, I am learning for the sake of knowledge and not for attendance.
In conclusion, I believe I am doing well in the class, but there are still aspects where I can improve upon to get more out of this course.