Alice’s Implicit Bias Reflection – ESEM150

I took 3 Implicit Association Tests: Gender-Career, Age, and Race. The results of these tests do not surprise me, but they do evoke a question that makes me think.
Before taking these tests, I have already known that though I try to eliminate all prejudices, I have many implicit biases. Those biases are gradually formed in my younger day by the value that my community, my nation uphold, by the people around me, and by the media references which I was exposed to.
The 1st test I took gives me the result that I associate male with career and female with family. Though I believe that men and women are equal, I know that deep inside I still believe that there are things that are meant to describe women and things meant to describe men. If this order is reversed, it will either make me feel uncomfortable, unnatural. It could also make me judge people in wrong ways. For example, I see men as incapable if they are not employed, but I do not necessarily see that if a woman is unemployed. If I see a businesswoman, though I am in awe at her success, I still feel it is somehow abnormal.
The 2nd test I took say I preference young people over old people. I strongly believe that this preference comes from my personal experience of living with my grandparents. The difference between generation is so large that sometimes it leaves me stunned and confused. The last few decades have brought a significant change unlike ever before in the history of Vietnam(my home country). The globalization has brought information, knowledges that are unprecedented and the young people started having a voice, a control over their life, moral rules started to lessen, and some value disappeared. Though I understand that old people have much wisdom, it is hard to communicate with them when they are holding the view that they are superior. This one small hinder blocks me from making real conversation without the use of complex skill of indication and extreme delicacy.
The 3rd test I took is about race: black vs. white. I am Asian, and I live in a country where black or white people are rare. Since a young age, I have been exposed to the image of foreign countries, foreign people and in my memory, they are all white. The country of white people is often associated with high technology, civilized community. It was later in my education that I learn about Africa and people of different skin color. Though I am not white, white skin is more normal to me. Not only that, in my community, whiter skin is considered desirable as it shows one’s affluence and the media loves to show an image of beauty with white as snow skin. Black skin is considered to associate with hardship in life. It was only till I saw pictures of black models that I realized black is just as beautiful as white.
These biases affect my judgments, actions in everyday life. Sometimes, without realizing, I am discriminating against others. To change my bias, the solution I have tried is to get to know more about the people you do not prefer, get to know them, understand how they think and why; always make an effort to be fair to everyone. I tried this method not to discriminate the LGBT community, and in the end, I see that the differences I once thought there were are just differences I made up since everybody is unique, difference, why should I dwell on that and judge other when I know just one fact about them. I think this is the most straightforward method to eliminate bias.