Alice’s Self-reflection__ESEM 150: The Perfect Human

When signing up for this seminar: The Perfect Human, I was afraid that I would not do well or be able to learn because of the language barrier, and my shyness. However, more than one month after starting this course, I believe I am doing well.

This seminar is my first seminar and the first time I got the opportunity to critically think and express my opinions on a subject that interests me. In the beginning, I did struggle a bit with raising my views and contributing to discussions. I was hard for me to come up with ideas or questions to speak during discussions. Also, I was afraid of saying something stupid. But I decided to try my best and now, I see that I can comfortably participate in discussions. Another improvement I have made during this class is my writing skill. Through the reflections and paper, I am building up my writing skills and confidence.

I am currently spending about 1.5 hours prepping for each class. For reflections, I spend a minimum of 4 hours to write and edit. The most time and effort I have devoted to this course is on the Brave New World paper. I started this paper before it was assigned and it took me more than 14 hours to write drafts. In general, I spend a large distribution of my studying time in this class. All of these time and effort reflects on the results I received: I got higher grades than I do in other classes. Furthermore, the skills and information I absorbed in this class are significant. I learned how to engage in conversation, develop and support my opinions. I also got to hear a variety of ideas on matters that open up my perspective.

I have only asked questions when I don’t understand a scientific concept. I do realize that I should have asked my classmates more questions about their opinions to gain more insight on how different people see things.

I think I am using resources wisely. I not only read but also take note on all the readings and sometimes the discussion we have in class. I write down ideas that spontaneously appear in class discussions for later conversations or essays. The online resources (Learn.Genetics, Purdue OWL, Grammarly) increase my comprehension and improve my writing. The writing center guides me on expressing my idea and fixes my grammar errors. Also, the comment I receive on previous assignment incorporate with another class I am taking ACEN 100 is helping me express my idea better.

I do review my work for possible errors. I also run my writing assignments through Grammarly to catch errors I did not notice. I have fixed some repeating mistakes. I can pay more attention to finding previous mistakes when editing a new assignment. However, I am searching for a better way to not make the same mistake again. After the Brave New World paper, I also learn to space a few days between the revision and editing period not to be overwhelmed by my work.

I am contented and proud of my performance and work in the course so far. But I do think that I can do better than this by doing the above suggestions: actively participating in class, improving simple writing mistakes.

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  1. Alice,
    I agree that you can work a bit more on participating in class discussions. It seems like you’re more comfortable in the small group discussions. I’d love to hear more from you in the large class discussions! I think your viewpoint is valuable. The time you put into your writing certainly pays off. You’re doing a very good job with the reflections. Your Brave New World paper was great. Keep up the good work! I hope as you continue to practice writing in this course you will be able to spend less time to achieve the same great writing.

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