Ryan Hartmann
Emi Smith
The Perfect Human
September 20, 2017

Taking college courses can cause a heavy workload that may, at times, feel unbearable. It is important for a student to create checkpoints for self-evaluation throughout a semester. This will ensure that the student is on track to succeed and advance in the class. In a society that is very competitive, all possible ways to maintain an above average grade are necessary. For myself, the college school year is roughly a month in; meaning a self-evaluation is well due.
My first assessment will over my seminar, The Perfect Human. The class covers eugenics, genetic engineering, and the process of modifying the human genome. This course introduces topics that are relatively new to me. On top of that, the workload is heavier than the workload I faced in high school most definitely. In order to properly assess myself, I will answer previously prepared questions.

How well do I think I am doing in this course?
– For a topic that is basically new to me and in depth, I feel as if I am doing alright. There are highs and lows that come along with the course, as expected. The foreign subjects and ideas are initially hard, but are grasped. Luckily, I came into this class with a basic idea of genetics. Although it was only high school biology, the topic was still briefed.

Am I spending enough time on this course to do quality work?
– In all honesty, I probably do not spend enough time on the course. I spend enough time on the course to get by with a decent grade. I could make an excuse and blame it on my busy schedule, but the truth is I just do not devote enough of my free time to schoolwork.

Do I ask questions when I need help?
– While in class, I tend to ask questions. If I do not completely understand a topic, I will ask for clarification. Although, I have not taken the opportunity to email my professor with questions about class.

Am I using available resources wisely?
– Unfortunately, I have not used the resources provided to my advantage. I have yet to use the writing center, and I have only used Grammarly on a few occasions. I need to use those resources more to improve my writing; which is an area I do not do well in.

Do I review and re-review my work for possible errors?
– Typically, I have only reviewed my work for larger papers. Smaller papers I tend to delay until last minute to do, giving me little time to look over my work for any errors. On the other hand, when I receive graded papers back, I look at my errors (especially reoccurring errors) to see what I can improve on in future writings and then refer to it when I am writing my next paper.

Am I proud of my performance and work in this course so far?
– Although there are some negatives to my work, I would have to say I am proud. Procrastination was a big issue I faced in high school, so maintaining a higher work load with less procrastinating (even though I procrastinate too much still) is something I can be proud of.

I have areas to improve on, most definitely. Areas that I might not have noticed if it weren’t for a self-evaluation. Self-evaluations are important for a student looking to improve. More importantly is how a student reacts to their assessment. I intend on fixing the negatives and improve my work.

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  1. Ryan,

    Good reflection. You’re a good in-class participant. I hope that you can find ways to keep yourself on top of schoolwork and get to a place where you’re working ahead and not waiting until the last minute. This will be a very useful skill as you progress in college.

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