P & P Reflection

Joy comes to a person’s life in many ways. For almost everybody, little things can bring joy. Although, most typically, little things only bring a surface joy. Surface joy can temporarily change a mood, but can it actually affect somebody positively for an extended period of time? As it may self-describe, surface joy can only go so deep. People drive to be continuously happy about their situation in life.  The possible ways differ, and solutions for some people may not work others. There is no guaranteed answer for joy.

Every person has something that brings them true, heart-warming happiness. For some, it could be an object, a concept, and/or position of power. The variety of possibilities come in multitudes. For each individual differs and makes their own opinions. Joy can be a vary broad, yet narrow subject. Typically, based off the individual.

For myself, I can achieve a deep satisfaction from family, friends, and music. No matter the mood I am in, each of them can typically brighten me up in such a way that I almost forget what caused my sorrows, if I don’t completely forget at all. The connection that I have made between the three is irreplaceable. Not only that, I know that I will almost always have at least one of the three within reach. If I somehow manage to go into a dark place, I can rely on the three to reach into the depths of who I am, and give me a helping hand. With the slim possibility of them being unable to directly help, I know that family and friends will have a guaranteed indirect help. The indirect help comes from the appreciation that I have for them trying. I will always be thankful for their willingness to be there and make their greatest attempt.

Although, the family and friend portion is not a one way street. In order to maintain the connection, I must play my part. To maintain their grace and helpfulness, it becomes my responsibility to return the favor. Creating time to spend with family and friends becomes a necessity. Dropping selfish ways and devoting a portion of myself towards others may seem initially difficult at times, but the outcome is well worth it.

When it comes to the important people in my life, I can create my own joy and sense of self-satisfaction. In its own slightly twisted way, being unselfish can turn into a positive, selfish act. Sacrificing my own time to be a part of their lives becomes a feeling of fulfillment in my life. I find joy in helping, laughing with, and just spending time with family and friends. Altogether, being with family and friends brings joy into my life and happiness for extended periods of time.

Now music plays a different part. There is a genre for any mood. If I am in a good mood, music can amplify it into a great mood. Then a bad mood into a good mood. Music even makes essays somewhat enjoyable! Generally, music takes me into my own nirvana.

Some of the most simple things in life can bring the most joy. It does not take a lot to make moments enjoyable. Family, friends, and music are eternal for me.