I would like to work with five other people who I would have come in and speak for five minutes on a random topic of their choosing. I would then cut up their monologues and and make “franken-bytes”. In doing this I hope to take five voices and make them one. I’m not sure yet if I will use voice manipulation to create an ambient backing track or if I will use electronic elements and create a minimal/deep techno backing track using the vocal samples for ornamentation and chops and slices to create a groove line.

By Friday the 4th I will have recorded the five different monologues in Ablton and begun audio manipulation in the form of cutting the monologues into short phrases and single word one shots using Logic Pro X.

By the following Tuesday I will have begun stitching together the phrases and samples to create a coherent piece.

By the following Friday I will have determined whether I am making a techno track or making an ambient electronic track and I will have begun to write and orchestrate the clips that will serve as a backing track.

By the exam date I will have finished recording everything bounced it out as a wav file.

If this takes less time than I was expecting, I will likely also work with the push to orchestrate a live performance focussing on groove elements of tech house.

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