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A4 Of Math

Explain why sine waves are important in the study of electronic music, and music in general. Almost any physical instrument system can be described by vibration of a frequency, a sine wave, which means that we can imitate any musical tone by manipulating the sine waves. As much as possible, explain the trigonometry of the…

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A2 MIDI Questions

1. Explain the historical background of the MIDI protocol. When was it established, and what type of “performance gesture” was it first designed to capture? MIDI is a protocol that allowed the synthesizers to communicate with each other. Established in 1984, MIDI is designed to capture: the note, the velocity, the channel, whether foot pedal…

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A1 Listening Assignment

Williams Mix John Cage’s intention is not clearly written on the Wiki page. From what I can tell, it seems like all he wanted to do was experimenting with creating music with computer. His piece sounds as if somebody has been playing with the radio nub. There is one time when something resembling music appears,…

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