Final Project Proposal

I am fascinated by the way the band Alpine implements vocals in their work. While their songs do have lyrics, this does not lend a central focus to the vocal lines; they are not the featured melody that is foregrounded against instruments. Instead, voices are layered over one another and weave into the broader tapestry of synth sounds. Repetition of short lyric bursts shifts the listeners’ focus from the textual information of the lyrics to the shape of the sounds in the repeated phrases.

In one larger Ableton project, I hope to emulate and experiment with this effect of vocal sounds intermingling with synths.

Project Timeline:

December 4 — have text picked out, experiment with synths, recording vocals, and chords

December 8 — establish synths to use, shape the chords of the piece

December 11 — integrate synths and vocals

December 14 — finishing touches, make final adjustments