Max Assignment 3

For this assignment, I looked at the synths AtmoEPiano and Fatness.


– There is a single voice. It is using FM synthesis; the FM button is highlighted. Amplitude envelope has 9 points that ease the sound’s volume down. The sound is shorter than I expect because the volume decreases fairly rapidly.

– Voice One uses a Resonant Lo Pass filter. The envelope on this section keeps the sound high, dips it, and then rapidly decreases it. The high frequency slider is all the way up, so the envelope affects the high frequencies.

– On the modulation page, the first LFO is swinging rapidly from 0.0 to 1.0, creating the wobbly sound of the synth. The second LFO is swinging more slowly from 0.1 to somewhere approaching 1.0– the top part of the slider is greyed out, and the purple node doesn’t quite reach that part of the slider. I’m not sure what this means for the sound.

– The mixer page is telling me the LFO is delayed for some period of time. I’m not sure I know what the “split” sliders mean.


– Fatness uses three voices that loop. The first voice is a WarmSaw set to an octave of -2. Its amplitude envelope has 9 points. The sound amps up fairly quickly, then declines, comes back up, falls again, and swells a little before fading out. Its using a “XResLoPass” filter (cross resonance lo pass?) with the high frequency slider all the way up.

– The second voice follows a similar amplitude shape to Voice 1, but with a smoother swell and a less abrupt decline. The octave is set to -1 and -5 semitones. It’s also using a XResLoPass filter with the high frequency slider set high. In the oscillator section, the PulseWidth slider is set high, which seems to make the sound feel more spacious. When I slide it down, the sound feels less deep, and more flat-buzzy.

– The third voice is typed as “offset” and it is a buzzy background noise. It’s set to -1 octave and +7 semitones. It’s amplitude has 9 points which ramp up quickly, stay high, and then taper off. Again, a XResLoPas filter is used, with a high setting for the high frequency slider.

– The modulation page describes three matrices: 2 LFO’s, and a mod wheel. The first LFO targets the pitch of voice one, sliding rapidly between 0.4 and 0.6. The second LFO targets the voice two pulse width, and moves smoothly between 0.0 and 1.0. Other than this, I’m not entirely sure how to read what’s going on with this page.

– On the mixer page, I can see how the three voices are delayed. Voice one has a “delay 2 send”, voice two has a “delay 1 send”, and voice three has a “delay 4 send”. These sounds don’t all play directly at note-on; you can hear the swell in the sound as the other voices are added in.