A6 (attempt)

This is what I ended up with for A6. I can’t seem to come up with the programming steps on my own. I’ve had this problem a lot with arithmetic and math, and it seems to carry over here, too. I understand what’s happening when I see it, but I can’t reproduce it at all. It’s very frustrating.

I have a step sequencer and the thingy where you can input notes over that via keyboard. I’ve had a lot of fun playing around with these sounds, at least!


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  1. As to A6, your step sequencer is working fine, so that’s good. You can trigger notes from the keyboard, so that’s good. You probably had trouble with the VMSK keyboard, which isn’t your fault.

    Then you tried to make the ADSR envelope. It’s mainly a question of looking at the patch I posted and seeing the way it flows together. Perhaps studying for the exam will make this clearer for you.

    For Friday, I’ll be asking everyone to make one final try at integrating their synth in the manner I”ve demonstrated. I’ll be posting specific steps to follow, so see how far you can get, and don’t hesitate to send me or the TAs a work in progress is you can’t move past it. I understand what you said about “understanding math but having a hard time doing it.” This isn’t all that natural for me either, but I find that getting success in such projects is good for the mind!

  2. Hi Lindsay. Looking at you Pd Synth project, I do appreciate that this was a challenge for you. I’m sure it was a complete new experience, and I know you put your best into it.

    That said, we do have two TAs ready to help, and you probably could have gotten farther than you did by asking a few more questions and seeking help.

    Your sequencer had a basic functionality, but your live synth never really got connected.

    So for this particular project, I need to assign you the grade of C. This is only one project, however, and the ones coming up will be more intuitively musical, and since you are playing piano and, I think, in choir, yes?, I think you will pull this grade up just fine with the projects that will come next.

    Thanks for putting your effort into this. I hope you at least have come to an understanding of the basic concepts involved.

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