Final Project

For my final project I will be making 3 different types of beats using Ableton. The genre of music I will aim to capture will be closer to soul, jazz, and hip hop. I want to focus on drum patterns as well as some acoustics as the foundation for the beats. My aim is to also incorporate a live aspect to the project. possibly doing vocal coding or a guest singer over at least 1 beat. Although I have a vague idea of the sound i’m interested in creating, I’m hoping to just follow my ears and creating something interesting.

My timeline:

  • By Dec 4 – designate the specific genre for the 3 beats, the length of the 3 pieces
  • By Dec 7 – At least 1 piece finished if not more.
  • By Dec 11 – Work on finishing all the parts
  • By Dec 14 –  finishing the project as well as the logistics.