A. 4

1) If we embrace the broadest definition of music as being that of “organized sound,” then these works are definitely “music.” How does each piece fulfill or defy your expection of what music should be?

2) What do your guess to be the composer’s intention in creating this work?

3) In what way does the piece communicate to you, as a solitary listerner wearing headphones and listening to it (with less than ideal audio quality, and often without the sense of acoustical space provided by multiple speakers).


#1 John Cage Williams Mix

  • I didn’t really consider this piece as music initially. I found the various sounds as distracting rather than listening to it because the sound was not in a organized fashion but rather random.
  • I think the composers intention in creating this work was for experimental reasons in trying something new, rather than creating a coherent piece of work.
  • This piece did not really communicate to because I could not make sense of it. I had no idea what the sounds were trying to convey.

# 2 Stockhausen “Gesang der Junglinge” (Voices of Children)

  • Although I don’t think this piece fits my definition of what music is, I can appreciate the composer trying to mix these sounds in attempt to tell a story.
  • I think  the composer was trying to tell a story of some sort with the use of children’s voices and sounds.
  • This piece really didn’t communicate a coherent message to me but I feel as though the composer is trying to communicate something non the less.

#3 Luciano Berio Ommagio (homage) a Joyce

  • This piece also doesn’t fit my expectation of music. I find music to a have some consistency in the pattern, which I felt this piece was missing.
  • The composer in my opinion, like the previous composer, is trying to convey a story with the use of voice and looped sounds.
  • This piece also did not communicate a coherent message or pattern which I was able to follow.

#4 Milton Babbitt Ensembles for Synthesizer

  • Although this did not meet my expectation of music, I appreciate it more than the other pieces because of our exposure to pd. in class.
  • I think the composer was trying to show how to combine different sounds and frequencies to create a patterned sound structure of some sort.
  • This piece communicated to me because it caught my attention by the different sounds at different levels the composer employed in the piece.

#5 Morton Subotnick Silver Apples of the Moon

  • This piece was interesting because unlike the previous pieces I was able to follow its pattern a lot more.
  • The composer intention in creating this work is was to create a piece of music using electric music methods.
  • This piece was actually distracting in the sense that it drew me in but I couldn’t make sense of it.

#6 Alvin Lucier I am Sitting in a Room

  • This piece was interesting in that, the sound and voices seem to gradually change but yet keep the same underlying tone.
  • I think the composers intention in creating this piece was to play around with the idea of playing his speech and turn it into some sort of music.
  • This piece communicated more then the other pieces in my opinion because the author actually talked and explained his intention in creating this piece.

#7  Terry Riley A Rainbow in Curved Air

  • This piece fit my expectation of what music is. I found the sounds and rhyme easy to follow more so than the other pieces.
  • I think the composer’s intention was to make different sounds at different levels of volume sound smooth and coherent.
  • This piece reminded a lot of our work with pd. and some the sounds I heard in class.

#8 Steve Reich Come Out

  • This piece fits my expectation of what music is because of the patterns throughout the piece.
  • I think the authors intention was to create music with the repeation of a voice.
  • This piece communicated how a voice playing over and over can actually turn into a catchy beat.

#9  Brian Eno Atmospheres

  • This piece fits my definition of music because you can hear pattern to it and even dome string music.
  • I think the composers intention in this piece was to use different sounds to coherently put forth music for listeners.

#10 Beatles Tomorrow Never Knows (1966)

  • This piece fits my defintion of what music is. I do not listen to his genre but i actually enjoyed this piece.
  • I fell as though the composers might have been trying to experiment with this sound. I feel like they were trying to combine little sounds to convey a bigger message in a way.
  • This piece communicated a coherent song to me. I found the different sounds throughout this piece enjoyable.


#11 Afrika Bambaataa Looking for the Perfect Beat

  • This piece definitely fits my definition of what music is. I found this very similar to a lot of current structures in music especially hip hop music.
  • I think the composer was trying to convey different melody and rhythm through the song so the listeners could enjoy it.

    I think this piece was very easy to listen to and was catchy. It caught my attention and forced me into the song because of the rhythm and melody.