Max assignment 3


Full house uses two voices. The voices are both equally audible.Voice 2, however seems to be making a slightly larger impact on the overall sound. Voice 2 is pitched two octaves below its normal tuning. The amplitude envelope contains 8 steady points that fade out to the last point. The sound of voice 2 is not looping making it finite. Their is also no filter placed on the sound in voice 2.

Voice 1 is also a sawsquare wave. It also contains no fillter making the sound very similar to voice 2. It has a similar buzzy sound.

The modulation envelope on the first page explains the  looping sound shift in sound that is filter through voice 1. The modulation wheel his slightly delaying the frequency that is filtered.

LFO 1 is creating a slow sin shift for voice 2. This is more directed at the higher frequencies. The rate is very slow making a winding buzz sound.

The mixing board shows a small amount of delay going into both voices with slightly more going towards voice 2.


Midnight Run uses three voices. Voice 1 is the most audible of the three. It uses a trombone waveform. The pitch has no octave or semitone changes, The waveform contains seven spikes to various peak heights ranging between 0.5 and 1. Their is no filter placed on voice 1.

Voice 2 uees an electric piano waveform. The pitch is lower by one octave.The amplitude is at the maximum amount for most of its waveform and keeps it linear form. Overall it creates a low picthed background buzz.

Voice 3 uses the cymbal waveform. The pitchis not changed by any octaves.The amplitude has an instant peak and the slowly curves over the course of two seconds.

Their are four LFO’s being used on the entire sound. The first two LFO are affecting the delay 1 and 2 time. Modulation envelope 6 is shifting the pitch of voice 1. It makes the sound feel significantly more robotic.

The mixing board shows that the output for voice 1 is the largest followed by voices 2 and 3. Delay 1 is being sent to voices 1 and 2. Delay 4 is only being sent to voice 3.