This is assignment 4.

1 I think that the Williams Mix defies and combines a lot of elements within modern music. It definitely utilizes sounds that are used today,but it is hard to determine if their is any significant pattern to the music. I think the composer intentions were to create a landscape of various sounds that could slightly coexist together. I think it communicates through sounds I might hear around a special occasion.

2 The Voices of Children clearly has some child hymnal influences which makes it relate to a form of music. However, it mixes the voices with electronic sounds to create something very unique. I see the intention as mimicking a child singing a song to a fish in water. The music communicates through its water like electronic sounds on top of the vocals.

3 Thema is very clearly just vocals that are electronically overdub with effects, which is something within pop music that is still done today. It is very fascinating to hear it done over spoken word. I can see how the intention is to interpret the sirens in Ulysses. The music communicates through the smooth and jagged sound changes that occur every so often.

4 Ensembles of melody sounds like various improvised thoughts that are strung together at seemingly random. The communication through various sound changes gives a sort of randomized thought processing feel. It feels like very childish excitement that isn’t well contained but just randomly at issue with what might come next.

5 Silver apples of the moon sounds similar to different modern effects, but the sounds created use vary unusual pitch manipulations that would not be found in most popular forms of music. It sounds to me like the intention was to create sounds that are found by flying over the moon at incredibly fast speeds. The music communicates to me through switching the pitch manipulation even though their is not a clear melody.

6 I am Sitting in a Room is a very unusual piece that definitely feels unique. I is just an experiment to create the natural frequencies of the room. The intention is to morph the speech slowly to created new speech sounds. I communicates to how sound can be effected by just sitting in a room.

7 A rainbow in curved Air combines quite a few polyphonic sounds together in various layers. Their are multiple melodies playing at various time throughout the piece. I believe the title of the track perfectly describes how what I envision the sound replicating. It definitely communicates excitement through the bouncing synthesizer sounds.

8 Come out is defnitely music that use some elements that are very prevelent within hip hop but twists they into a new direction. The vocal effects start create a melody within the rhythm of parts of the vocals. This definitely feels like an exciting ambient track. It communicates melody through the distortion of different layers of the vocals to create new mixes of sound.

9 This piece definitely fits the definition of music because of its abilty to just feel as though the sound fills your ears, but within an less melodic forms. It feels as though it was inspired just by watching the moonlight shine itself over an exciting place, which could be the composers intention. It communicates through it ability to stretch out its sounds to fill my ears.

10 Tomorrow Never Knows is obviously a classic piece of experimental pop music. Its use of loop and playing in reverse helped created new sounds that had not been very popular at the time. The song is based on the ideas within the Tibetan book of dead. The part that really communicates well to me are the sitar and guitar playing that have a very soothing mix of sounds.

11 Looking for the perfect beat uses many sounds that can definitely be compared to modern music. Its use of synthesizer and vocals give is a classic pop song appeal. It feels like its was a to be a fun dance track that anyone can enjoy. The rhythms of the synthesizer have a very dance able sound that is complement by the drums.


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  1. Hi Darren, I am able to read your posts now, thanks. Your comments on the listening examples were quite good, each had a good, detailed observation.

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