1 thought on “Listening Assignment

  1. Hi Daniel, I’m reading your blog and responding to your comments on the listening assignment. You have many good and perceptive comments here.

    For the first piece, Cage was all about chance music and random pattern making, so if your interest in music is in finding patterns (that’s true for most of us), then Cage is directly challenging your assumptions! It really is organized sound, with the organizing principle being chance operations.

    It’s interesting how so many of you found the Stockhausen “creepy,” even though he himself was trying to express something profound and spiritual. But I agree, despite his intentions, there’s something about those boys voices sound sort of ‘trapped’ within the clicks and bleeps of the electronic world that is very unnerving. But good that you listened to it and had that reaction.

    For # 4, the Babbit, there were definitely sounds that in fact we are working with now in Pd, so we can appreciate how much harder it was for him.

    Yes, by the time we get to the Terry Riley, we are on more familiar ground and it’s nice to hear something we traditionally think of as being peaceful or relaxing. He was coming from a space of Buddhist quiet, and it comes through here.

    Good final comments, and overall excellent listening into the music.

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