How well do I think I am doing in this course?

I think I am trying my best to understand the material we cover in class.  I understood most of the readings; however, I am having trouble understanding all of the complex language in the articles we are starting to read.  And as long as I continue to do the readings I think it will make learning the material in class easier.

Am I spending enough time on this course to do quality work?

I could probably spend more time on the readings.  Instead of just reading the article or chapter only once I need to start blocking time off to read it two or three times and takes notes so that I don’t miss any small details.  Making more time to read will also allow me to have a better understanding of the content and then I will be able to provide more insightful comments during the class discussions.

Do I ask questions when I need help?

Yes.  Typically, I use google to try to learn more about something that confuses me. Then if f I have a question I can’t figure out I usually ask another classmate and most of the time they can answer.  When I can’t get a definite answer from more research on the internet or from classmates I ask the question in class.

Am I using available resources wisely?

Yes.  I worked with a person from the writing center on my Brave New World Paper and she helped me a lot.  We talked about how I needed to change up my style so that the paper didn’t seem to keep on rambling.  I was very glad I went there after I found out my grade for the paper.  Also, Grammarly helped a lot in finding simple typing errors that I made.  Grammarly also does a good job finding words or phrases that I use over and over and gives me suggestions to me about how I can change them so my paper flows better.

Do I review and re-review my work for possible errors?

Yes.  After I finish the first draft of my paper, go on the Grammarly website and fix the errors that the website finds.  Then I read the paper out loud to catch some errors.  Then I take my paper to the writing center.  The writing center normally fix style issues and help me adjust awkward phrasing.

Am I proud of my performance and work in the course thus far?

I am very proud of my performance in the ESem this far.  It is a very challenging class with respect to the content that we learn during class.  Also, it demands a lot of time to closely pay attention to the readings and come to class ready to contribute to the discussions.  Considering these things, I believe that I have handled the expectations very well, but I recognize that I can do a few more things to perform even better in this class.