Integrity Reflection

  • Do I conduct College business in a way that guards and cares for the College’s dedication to integrity?


  •  I believe that integrity is a virtue that a person gains from truthfulness not only to others but themselves. This is a long process that takes many years. It begins with being honest in fear of being punished by some sort of consequence if the person is not truthful. The next step in the process is then gaining the wisdom to be truthful without worrying if there is a consequence no matter the circumstance.

Many times during a school year there is a lot of pressure placed on students. In my first semester, I experienced this unlike any time before. It felt as if a ton of bricks hit me. I had to write a paper for my seminar class, my religion class, and I had a tests in chemistry and financial accounting all in the same week. We had just gotten back late on a Saturday night for football so that day was scrapped. I tried to write my papers Sunday and Monday but barely got half way done with one of them. I did not have much time left to finish all of the things I needed to do. I finished my religion paper so that I could start on my seminar paper. By this time I had forgotten all about my chemistry test and did not study for it until the morning of the test. I had two options: one was to go in and try my best on the test or the other option was to cheat on the test. I decided that I would try my best with what had already known. I got the test back the next week and it was a B-. At first I was upset because I know I could have done better on it. However, shortly after that I felt proud. I felt proud because I know that I gave my best effort and that it was solely my effort that earned the grade I got. This what I believe is focus the integrity principle, at the end of the day to be truly happy with the job you did because you know that you gave your best effort and did not take any short cuts.