Luke P&P 3

When conflicts arise, do I make earnest efforts to resolve them thoughtfully and without delay?


Conflicts are a natural part of life.  They are as normal as the sun rising and the sun setting.  However, sometimes the way in which we deal with conflict can be uncommon.  Often times, many people become frustrated and full of anger when a conflict arises.  This reaction is the instinct of every human being.  On the other hand, some people are able to step back from the problem, find a solution that has mutual benefits, and enact that resolution.  This type of people is a rare breed and typically they have had many experiences with disagreements have end in negative outcomes.  Also, they could have been taught techniques or tools to use when they are involved in a predicament.


Many of the conflicts or disputes that I deal with on a daily basis are trivial.  Usually, the disagreements are over who they best quarterback is in the NFL, whether or not the Indians will win the World Series, or if the Cavaliers are better than the Warriors.  On a more serious note, I have faced some more important conflict in my life.  A common theme that dictated the direction that my personal interactions is the ability of myself and the other person or people to want to resolve the conflict peacefully and positively.  Each party involved has to want to solve the problem in this way, otherwise achieving a positive result is next to impossible.  One of my personal encounters, while it may seem a bit childish can detail an important lesson.  In high school, I helped with the after school care program at my grade school and as part of my job I had to watch kids as they played on the playground.  A few of the kids were sitting off to the side, while the other kids were playing on the swings.  I went over to them and asked them why they were not playing with the other kids, they told me that they were fighting.  When I asked what the fight was over they said that another kid had made fun of their friend’s glasses.  I went over and talked to the other group and asked them about the incident.  When I brought it up to them they said that they were just joking around and really did not mean upset anyone.  Then, I brought the two groups together and had them talk out the issue.  After their discussion, they all went and played on the playground together as if nothing happened.  The lesson in the story is that sometimes people do not realize that they are being mean or offensive and that some people only realize this if the person who is hurt tells them that they are hurt.  This situation probably would not have led to violence but it could have affected the kids in the years to come in social situations if someone held a grudge and stresses the importance of talking thinks out.