Self Evaluation 2

What’s been up in ESEM?

We’re a little more than halfway through this course, and it feels like we just started. I’ve appreciated all the discussions and reflections; it has thoroughly widened my perception of genetic advancements and future possibilities of CRISPR. I think it’s crazy that this is considered “academic” knowledge, maybe it’s not… but it doesn’t seem to be publicized unless you stay up with scientific research. I chose Earlham for the collaborative aspect, but until this course, I hadn’t seen it in action. I’ve experienced group projects, sharing ideas and methods for a purpose. However, this class has us discussing our future children and policies, things we will oversee, subjects that will impact the world potentially. It’s incredible but scary. We all have a responsibility to be knowledgeable and take a stance, something that takes A LOT of reflection. I think that’s why I’ve appreciated everyone’s thoughts: it takes the load off. It has also helped me see complexity, instead of black and white. I think our nation’s citizens could use more of that…at least in Indiana.
I’ve been doing well in this course; I haven’t had too many troubles. Although it provides a substantial workload at times, I’ve managed to get it all done. I feel I am spending enough time on this course to do quality work. I tend to do the readings a couple of days in advance so I can enjoy them, instead of cramming. The reflections have been straightforward and quick. The papers consume the most time, but with explanations in class and ample resources, they haven’t been too burdensome. I ask questions when I need help, whether it be Emi or other peers. I am proud of the work I have done so far; I’m getting a lot out of it.
Let’s be serious; there’s still some room for improvement. I could be more time efficient and focused when studying for this course. I tend to get distracted at times and a task that is intended to take 20 minutes sometimes takes an hour. Although I get my papers done on time, I could start working on them earlier. Instead of researching, finding the data I want to use, outlining, and writing a couple of days before the paper is due, I could space it out more. Better time management would give me more time to review and re-review, making sure my thoughts were clear with little to no mistakes. Finally, I could be more vocal in class. I’ve had trouble getting up recently, so I tend to be dead when I make it to my morning classes, resulting in minimal participation and lazy responses. This isn’t fair to Emi, my classmates, or myself. I should try to get up and get some breakfast beforehand so I’m a little more energized.
We’re still moving though. I feel good about this ESEM. A lot of freshmen aren’t enjoying their seminar and are ready for next semester to roll through. So, I feel blessed to appreciate my seminar, especially since it was randomly selected.