Community Reflection

Am I REALLY trying?
As I was thinking of an intro, the sentence I kept coming back to was “I try to foster the intellectual, physical, moral, and emotional well-being of all members of the community, but I don’t always succeed.” And then I thought to myself, “Leah, when do you try? That’s BS lol.” So here I am, thinking about the community and my unconscious involvement. Considering the Earlham family and my contributions aren’t something I care to do, but I wish I did. I’m blaming “individualism” for my disconnection. So here are some things I do well at building community and some things I need to develop. Will I actually work towards them? Maybe, but maybe not. But at least now I am more aware of my involvement- step in the right direction, right?

In the classroom, I feel I foster the intellectual well-being of others by staying on task, sharing ideas, and pushing productivity during group projects. I also think that I’m a reliable partner, contributing to the assignment and open to helping those around me. I also participate in study sessions with classmates, which gives us a chance to collaborate on material and fill in any gaps in understanding. I’ve noticed that I can “lead” too much at times, and it doesn’t give my partners space to grow as much as they may have intellectually. Sometimes I get caught up on doing things “my way” that I am surprised when others prove me wrong or find a more efficient solution. This doesn’t make me angry or irritated, I always appreciate it, but I believe there’s a flaw in my thinking. I shouldn’t assume I know best; I should be open to others’ opinions and honestly stand by that tenant… not pretend to be.
During conversations, I feel I give others the space to speak their mind and truth. I’m still figuring out my values and beliefs, so I’m usually excited to hear different perspectives and viewpoints.

I don’t usually cause physical harm to others, not intentionally at least. Sometimes wrestling or tickling can get a little out of hand, but it doesn’t typically result in serious injuries. I feel I foster the physical well-being of others by engaging in workouts, long walks, and outside activities with peers. I also try to help out at parties if someone has drunk too much or needs walked home. Areas of improvement include promoting better sleep habits. My floor stays up way too late some nights and were all exhausted the next day.

I try to foster the moral well-being of others by encouraging positivity and sharing my truth when it comes to situations. I’m learning how to care for my friends; figuring out things they need from me and things they don’t. Sometimes advice doesn’t improve morale but listening and just being there for someone can. I could give people more time and space to come to if need be.

I don’t know if I foster the emotional wellbeing of the Earlham community. Sure, I am there for people when they “seem” to need me, but I usually won’t “give” myself unless it’s apparent. I could be “present” more. I feel if I gave myself the space to laugh, talk, relax more, that wouldn’t only foster my emotional wellbeing, but those around me as well.