Implicit Test Reflection

The first test I took was the Donald Trump v. Recent Presidents.  The test asked various questions about political affiliation and personal information.  Next they flashed pictures of past presidents.  Part of the way through the test I mixed up which key I was supposed to hit for which group; however the results lined up with how I felt about the subject before the test.  I scored in the moderate range, meaning that I preferred neither Donald Trump nor Recent Presidents over the other.

The second test I took was the Religion test. I wasn’t surprised by this test because it said I had a bias toward Christianity, which makes sense because I am a Christian. This “bias” might change if the test didn’t involve hitting buttons as fast as you can as I frequently hit the other button when I meant to hit the other.

The third test I took was the abled person vs. disabled person test.  It said I had a slight preference to abled people.  I was surprised a little bit because I helped take care of my grandma and grandpa, who were both disabled and had no problem doing it. Also my third test was like all the other tests I took in that I sometimes hit the other button as I was trying to answer faster rather than more accurately.