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Judy Hetrick’s Journalism class

by Judi

It IS a small world where we are

May 7, 2013 in international by Judi

Three different nations are represented in our five-person class. Our campus has students from 76 countries. What a great place to find stories! Living Traditions reporters visited two international events. here’s what they found:  Poetry of Palestinian resistance, Japanese customs — ancient and modern, strumming and drumming.

by Judi

Stories from (not so) long ago

May 7, 2013 in uncategorized by Judi

Oral history allows us to share a person’s exact words with less embellishment than in a standard journalistic story. Complete transcripts of all of our class’s oral history interviews will be kept in the Earlham College Archives. “Read more” to link to Lyn Thomas, Gypsy Swanger, Deborah Jackson and Laura Hinkley.

by Judi

Folk + flavor = foodways

May 7, 2013 in foodways by Judi

Foodwhat? “Foodways” are the many aspects small-group food traditions. Each student in our class learned about a special  dish from family or friends. Then we cooked together and feasted! “Read more” to link to an Ethiopian communal tradition, Chinese egg and  tomato soup, Pakistani daal, California salad,  Tennessee hush puppies, and an easy Ohio barbecue sauce.


by Judi

Folklore farrago

May 1, 2013 in uncategorized by Judi

A “farrago” is a medley or mixture. That was the result when each feature writer in the class chose a topic for his or her final story. The results: Explorations of dining room and dorm groups, a run with the “hash,” and grandmother’s remembrances.

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