Max Assignment 4


My Paragraph:
Within this, there is a tone generator, a filter, and an LFO that dictates the parameters of that filter. It begins with a simple sin wave, transmitted in through midi, usually square waves are used in wobble bass, ad then what we alter in this patch is 1) how fast the wobble happens 2) how much it happens (how far up and down it goes) 3) the center pitch of the bass—wobble and 4) queue. These are shown in the four number boxes lined up, in respective order. These number boxes control the degree to which each element of the sound produced is shifted.


I received the screenshot after I already did most of this work and I was confused what I should take from it and what I shouldn’t. Help?

Also, I couldn’t get it to work form me, probably something to do with the patch, or one of the things listed below. Also help?

Problems faced in following the tutorial:
midiin, trouble selecting the micro key keyboard. I can’t find an option to do this.

Don’t know if I’m doing the right floater setting for the hslider. There’s an option under attributes and one under messages, they both seem to do different things, and I don’t know which is right. Also, I’m having trouble setting the range of the hslider to 1, because the float thing is confusing.

I don’t know if the thing I connected to the hslider is right; the tutorial is blurry, so I can’t tell. I think it’s an exclamation mark, so that’s what I put.

I’m supposed to take the P Keys patch from the previous assignment, right? Will this have the same function as this guy’s patch? – I’m unable to connect this patch as he does in the video because there is just one outlet, connected to stuff in the patch. I made two inlets and two more outlets in the patch, but I’m not sure what they should connect to within.
I don’t know what the object connected to the middle outlet of this is supposed to say- again, the video is blurry.

I think my multiplication of two numbers object is right [* -] but in the video it’s [*0], connected to the [pack ! !]