Max Assignment 3


  • I put together two Atmosphere sounds in the breed window. This produces two distinct sounds, one in voice one and the other in voice three. The first voice is what gives the combination character. In the first voice, the filter is at its highest strength at the begging of the sound, giving it a really sharp, buzzy attack, and then a decrease in buzziness. The amplitude in this voice follows a similar pattern, it begins rather high and then slowly decreases, emphasizing the sharp attack. This sound is characterized by a saw square wave, which explains the buzz.
  • The third voice sounds like a gust of wind. It is made purely of noise, so this is why. The sound does not have any variance in pitch content – i.e. no matter what key I press, the sound remains the same, not higher, not lower. The filter follow a similar pattern as the first voice’s, it begins at its loudest and then fades. Its amplitude, however, is sustained for the amplitude.
  • The first voice is at -1 octave, which makes the sound eerie, low. The third voice is set at +1 octave, but again, no matter if I change the octave setting, it makes the same exact sound. This sound does not have differing pitch content.
  • There are no semi-tones, so it plays exactly at the pitch a play on the keyboard.
  • The modulation level stays entirely at the same level, until the very end of the sustained note, this gives another sharp attack and a higher variance in the pitch of voice one.


In The Can—In The Can


  • This one is particularly interesting, because there is almost no immediate response when you hit a key. There is a large delay. All three voices begin at a very low amplitude.
  • The first voice was barely audible, until I turned up the LoFreq setting. This voice produces and estremely low and smooth ethereal sound that is almost unnoticeable when the other voices are playing, yet it adds a certain substance to the sound. It is an Offst type, -1 octave.
  • The second voice has the exact same amplitude and filter settings as voice one, but it is a different wave form (Rough) and is at octave, which makes it more audible. It has the same kind of eeriness.
  • The third voice is where this sound gets exciting. It is a cymbal type. The amplitude and the filter settings fluctuate greatly from start to finish. It has loop on, which produces an interesting affect. The low-pass and high pass filter settings are up all the way. This reminds me on a cymbal recorded and then played backwards. This is interesting because there is no sound for until about 2 seconds after I hit a key and then each iteration is slightly louder than the last.
  • The modulation trajectory makes the shape of an M, it starts low, rises, drops, and then rises again. The pitch content is the same for most of the sound, but it drops dramatically at these two points.

I was unsure how to save the exact sounds I made, the directions for doing this confused me. Nonetheless! Here are recordings of the sounds I made. I made one more, but for some reason, it won’t upload.

Grace_vst effect program3

Grace_vst effect program2

Grace_vst effect program4