Voice Practice 12/4/18

How Long I Practiced: I practiced for about 45 minutes.

What I Practiced: I started with deep breathing. Then I did vocal exercises, such as ahhhs and ooohhhs up and down the scale and lip trills up and down the scale from middle C to the C above middle C. I then spent some time playing through the bridge of Skylark to get the notes of that one phrase in my head. After I got that down, I practiced Skylark over and over, trying to be more relaxed or jazzier. I just wanted to see what felt best. I intermittently did vocal exercises to keep my throat open. I also called my dad and had him listen to me sing it.

How I Felt About What I Practiced: I am so excited that I finally got the bridge down for this song. I feel good about Skylark. It is high, but I like the challenge. I am happy with how I sound, although, given how high it is, I have trouble incorporating the jazzier elements of my voice. I definitely feel emotionally connected to the song, and I am eager to sing it tomorrow.