Live Performance: Into the Heart of Symphonic Music Concert

Tonight, I attended the Into the Heart of Symphonic Music orchestra concert. I was a bit late because of a miscommunication, as I shared, but I was able to see most of the concert. I saw the last song of the first half and both songs of the second half. Being a former orchestra member myself, it was great to see an orchestra play again. I really admired the endurance of the players. I don’t recall ever playing a song longer than fifteen minutes. These songs seemed much longer, but the players never seemed to lose enthusiasm. As a viewer and not a player, I also gained a new appreciation for the dedication of the conductor. I enjoyed matching his movements with the swells and changing dynamics of the orchestra. Additionally, the fact that he conducted and played a gorgeous concert piano piece at the same time was particularly impressive. The entire orchestra seemed invested in the emotion and powerful dynamics of the piece. It was a joy to watch such dedicated musicians shine.