Voice Class Reflection

I really enjoyed voice class this semester. I felt like I explored a whole new side to my voice. I also really learned about the connection between my body and my voice, which I hadn’t recognized before. The biggest change in my voice since taking this class has been incorporating my breathing into my singing. I also thoroughly enjoyed the close-knit aspect of our class sessions. I felt really comfortable singing with Jessie and Julia, and I really liked getting to know them as people. Thank you, Lynnell, for a great semester!

Voice Practice 12/4/18

How Long I Practiced: I practiced for about 45 minutes.

What I Practiced: I started with deep breathing. Then I did vocal exercises, such as ahhhs and ooohhhs up and down the scale and lip trills up and down the scale from middle C to the C above middle C. I then spent some time playing through the bridge of Skylark to get the notes of that one phrase in my head. After I got that down, I practiced Skylark over and over, trying to be more relaxed or jazzier. I just wanted to see what felt best. I intermittently did vocal exercises to keep my throat open. I also called my dad and had him listen to me sing it.

How I Felt About What I Practiced: I am so excited that I finally got the bridge down for this song. I feel good about Skylark. It is high, but I like the challenge. I am happy with how I sound, although, given how high it is, I have trouble incorporating the jazzier elements of my voice. I definitely feel emotionally connected to the song, and I am eager to sing it tomorrow.

Live Performance: Into the Heart of Symphonic Music Concert

Tonight, I attended the Into the Heart of Symphonic Music orchestra concert. I was a bit late because of a miscommunication, as I shared, but I was able to see most of the concert. I saw the last song of the first half and both songs of the second half. Being a former orchestra member myself, it was great to see an orchestra play again. I really admired the endurance of the players. I don’t recall ever playing a song longer than fifteen minutes. These songs seemed much longer, but the players never seemed to lose enthusiasm. As a viewer and not a player, I also gained a new appreciation for the dedication of the conductor. I enjoyed matching his movements with the swells and changing dynamics of the orchestra. Additionally, the fact that he conducted and played a gorgeous concert piano piece at the same time was particularly impressive. The entire orchestra seemed invested in the emotion and powerful dynamics of the piece. It was a joy to watch such dedicated musicians shine.

Live Performance: Living Voice Concert

On Friday night, I attended the living voice concert. This included performances by Concert Choir, Women’s Chorus, Chamber Singers, and the Gentlemen’s Quartet. The concert was loosely meant to feature living composers. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I kept trying to notice their vocal technique, but it being a good performance, I kept getting caught up in the emotion and beauty of the songs. I did notice that they all took breaths in unison, and would sometimes have to take longer pauses to do so. My favorite part was the Gentlemen’s Quartet. They had such magically blended voices, and each voice added something to the group. Their song “Down and Down” by T. Jones was so touching that I began to tear up listening to it. The other choruses were also fantastic, and I really appreciated the variety of songs and styles presented. Overall, I loved the performance.