Voice Practice 11/27/18

How Long I Practiced: About 30 minutes.

What I Practiced: After another basic set of vocal exercises, like going up and down the scale and doing oooohhhs, I began to practice Skylark again. I did a lot fo the same stuff as the day before’s practice session, but this time, I learned the bridge. I don’t have the entire thing in my vocal memory, but I’m just missing one line. I practiced it multiple times, but I can’t seem to sing it without the notes playing yet. I also just practiced the song overall. Again, my voice felt very restricted. In the middle of the session, I did some scales above high C. This helped some, but I am still struggling a lot. I also recorded myself singing what I knew and listened back to that. Lastly, I tried singing the song starting on A instead of high C to see how that felt.

How I Felt About What I Practiced: I felt very good about this practice session, because I have close to the whole song memorized, and I was able to learn almost the whole the bridge. I am very troubled by how tight my voice sounds when I sing the high notes. I tried relaxing my voice and deep breathing into the phrase, but I was not satisfied. Singing the song two notes lower felt so much better, which I thought was interesting. Maybe I’m not warming up enough. I hope we are able to work this out in class today.